"Where are you Going"?

"I'm going to VGHS"- BrianD to his Mom.


BrianD in episode 1, playing his favourite FPS, Field of Fire

BrianD is the primary protagonist of Video Game High School, portrayed by Josh Baylock. He is an FPS player, and plays Field of Fire. He also plays DXM. He is described as geeky and uncool, and by many VGHS students: " A one-hit wonder ". His best friends are Ki Swan and Ted Wong.

Acceptance into VGHSEdit

After rushing home to play Field of Fire, Brian is bullied by two lame bullies. After the confusing event, Brian gets on his computer and is on the server, Team Canada, as the captain. Soon he needs to take his cat out, but is left online.

Meanwhile, in the crazy reality show, In Real Life (often stylized as IRL), The Law goes on a random server to kill all the amateurs, but he leaves Brian, who is AFK*. He has some fun with him, plaing a frag grenade on Brian's head and attempting to shoot it with his gold Beretta, a weapon he always uses. Brian comes back in time and sees the Law. He tilts his head to drop the grenade and knocks it towards Law with his G36. He spins, eluding the bullet. The grenade is now under Law. He shoots it, (doing what Law was going to do), killing Law.

Soon, all of the news is talking about it, including PwnZwn and others. BrianD is given the acceptance letter to VGHS and leaves.

Appearance: All Episodes.

  • Away From Keyboard