Ted in Episode 4

"Yeah, best Roomate Friends forever!"- Ted Wong to Brian D.

Theodore "Ted" Wong is a protagonist in the webseries, being Brian's "best roomate friend forever", portrayed by Jimmy Wong. He is an ace drift racer, as proved by Episode 4, while playing OverDrift, losing to'' 'D.King. However, his dad, Freddie Wong, wants him to be a rhythm gamer, but Ted wills to be a drift racer, as depicted in Episode 7. However, in Episode 7, he gets the confidence, but is then forced to play on the drift racing team, instead of Rhythm Gaming, beacuse Ki Swan switched the ID cards. As of episode 8, he is in a relation ship with Ki Swan.

Roomates With BrianDEdit

In Episode 2, after Brian beats Annhilist and gets him expelled, Brian was meant to go with him, but due to him gone, he needs to go with Ted, who was originally with Annhilist. It ends with Ted on a chair with his guitar yelling: "Yeah! Best Roomate Friends Forever!" before falling off the chair


Episode 2 Onwards.

Jimmy's YouTube ChannelEdit

Jimmy has a YouTube channel Feast of Fiction, where they make video game based foods that are simple to make!